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A Cash Discount Program is a payment method that allows businesses to offer a discount to customers who pay with cash, while applying a surcharge to customers who choose to pay with credit or debit cards. The purpose of a Cash Discount Program is to incentivize cash transactions and offset the costs associated with credit card processing fees.

By implementing a Cash Discount Program, businesses can encourage customers to opt for cash payments, which can help reduce the fees associated with credit card transactions. This program provides an opportunity for businesses to pass on some or all of the processing fees to customers who choose to pay with cards, while offering a discount to those who pay with cash.

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Keep more money in your pocket by


of your processing fees.

Here's how it works

Have you ever noticed that many businesses accept cash and cards for payments? Well, we're excited to introduce a new program called the 'Cash Discount Program' that can benefit both you and your business.


By using cash, you save a certain percentage on your total purchase. It's a way for us to say 'thank you' for choosing cash as your

preferred payment method.


Now, you might wonder why we're doing this. Well, it's because accepting credit and debit card payments involves processing fees for you as a business owner. These fees can add up over time. By encouraging cash transactions, we can reduce these costs and pass the savings on to you.


Please note that the cash discount program allows us to provide these discounts by applying a small surcharge to customers who choose to pay with credit or debit cards. This surcharge helps offset the processing fees we incur.

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Our goal is to provide you with excellent products and services, while also finding ways to save you money. The Cash Discount Program is just one way we can achieve that. We hope this program benefits both your business and the valued customers.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please reach out to our team

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