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5 Star Payment Solutions is a Michigan-based company which specializes in credit and debit card processing for companies of all sizes. We serve, with pride, thousands of merchants in all fifty states. We are one of the fastest growing payment providers of credit and debit card based transactions in the country. Our payment processing services enable merchants to process both traditional card-present, or “swiped” transactions, as well as card-not-present, or “keyed” transactions.

5 Star Payment Solutions is committed to excellence in all aspects of our merchant service relationships. We offer competitive rates for your credit card processing needs and the wide variety of credit card terminals. We have been offering quality service for over 10 years. Join hundreds of satisfied customers and become part of a network of growing success stories. If you were thinking about starting a business or need help with the expansion of your business, give us a call. We can help.


Payment Solutions

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Connect with a business consultant to get started with the right solution for your business. 

5 Star Payment Solutions is a highly rated merchant account services provider. This has been proved over and over by many testimonials. We strive to be the leading nationwide provider of merchant accounts and payment gateway services for virtually any type of business. Whether you want to accept credit cards online, face to face in a retail or mobile environment, over the phone, or using a Point of Sale (POS) - 5 Star Payment Solutions has the right solution for you and your business.

Running a Business is Easy With 5 Star Payment Solutions
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